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What retail sites can do to help
Delivery notes

Provide space on your web site for customers to leave clear delivery instructions.

Integrate an unattended solution

Whether it's text alerting or a drop-off service, you could make it part of your online offer.

Alternative address

Always allow customers to use an alternative delivery address for their goods.

Actively promote unattended systems

Insert flyers for drop boxes or other such solutions with the goods. You'll be paid for this, you'll help your customers, and you'll reduce delivery failures. It's win win!

Sell the systems!

You're a mail order company. Why not list unattended delivery devices prominently in your own catalogue?

Put redelivery measures in place

Use a carrier with an effective carding and redelivery system. Assume there will be delivery failures, and plan for them don't be surprised by them, or treat them as exceptions.


When the customer is not home ...

What can you do?

Many unattended and deferred delivery options are available to retailers, carriers and consumers to reduce home delivery failures.

Why are so few of them in wide use? Individually they may not offer a complete solution, but together they make a compelling case: doing something is better than doing nothing.

Priorities to think about:

 Explore 'signature required' waiver to allow goods to be dopped using an unattended solution.

 Promote unattended solutions like drop boxes on retail sites.

 Consider the true cost of failed deliveries.


Some unattended delivery options

Come back later

A locally-based courier may return later or the next day at no extra cost. But parcels delivery drivers can seldom do this.

Leave parcel with a neighbour

Often works, but leaves a lot of room for disputes over non-delivery or damage.

Redeliver next day (or as required)

Some carriers (e.g. Parceline) offer redlivery to suit customers at a fee.

Deliver somewhere else

Take the product to a post office, a convenience store, a self-storage depot or some other designated location requested by customer.

Deposit goods in secure box at house

Use a BearBox, a Hippo Box, a Parcel Eater box or a Parcel Safe. But what if a signature is required?

Coded access to consumer premises

Various keysafe systems are available from suppliers like Ahome4it, or there are electronic locks such as the one from BeaBbox. But again, the need for a signature may be a problem.

Text or email delivery alert

Give customer enough advance warning to be at home to receive the goods. There are several texting solutions offering varying degrees of retailer/carrier integration.



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