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Fulfilment & e.logistics has built this web site to call for more responsive service from suppliers, etailers, carriers and the industry at large.

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Read Heriot-Watt's latest research into the home delivery market.

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Here's our top ten wish list


• Clear, accessible, unambiguous delivery information

• Clear delivery pricing, with appropriate options

• Current stock availability online

• Opportunity to select/exclude a delivery day

• Delivery to address other than billing address

• At least one unattended/diverted delivery option

• Email confirmation of order and despatch

• Accurate, useful online consignment tracking

• Clear returns information and instructions

• Full company contact details on site

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This is the bad news

Sixty-two per cent of consumers will decide not to purchase a product if convenient delivery arrangements can’t be made.



Operators of the UK’s top one hundred web sites take an average of 33 hours to respond to email enquiries. Forty per cent of companies fail to provide useful answers to enquiries even then.



There is little evidence that a high delivery charge necessarily equates with prompt delivery; if anything, products carrying a higher delivery charge tend to take longer to arrive.

Heriot-Watt University


Among 100 UK online retailers contacted, 43 per cent offered no delivery choices, and just 14 per cent allowed buyers to pick a time of day for delivery.

Snow Valley, for IMRG


... and yet

Online retail sales in Europe will more than double in the next five years to 263 billion euros in 2011, by which time the number of online shoppers will have grown to 174 million.

Forrester Research


If suppliers don’t get delivery right, how can they share in this?


Pet hate of the year

Delivery drivers who thrust a card through your letterbox when you're definitely at home, without checking to see if you're there. This happens to us regularly every few weeks. Different delivery firms, different drivers, the same problems (they're running late, traffic is heavy, they don't like deliverying to blocks of flats, they just want to get back to the depot.)


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